Artist Statement


Alex Adams

When current political or social events collide with or infringe upon my surroundings, I am compelled to share the experience and seek answers from others who may not share my point of view.  Unfortunately, the slightest amount of miscommunication can unravel a conversation or polite debate and escalate into a heated confrontation. This approach is not an effective means of producing answers or resolving conflict between two opposing viewpoints.

My creative output is an alternative form of communication. With my work, I strive to generate an atmosphere of reflection and contemplation for others. The subject of the work is often obvious, but I make an effort to avoid confrontation. This diplomatic approach in combination with recognizable and well crafted materials allows me to effectively reach the widest audience possible while still conveying personal beliefs and opinions.

It is my background in craft that influences my artwork. The most obvious influence is my choice and treatment of materials. I appreciate traditional materials such as glass, wood, fine metals, steel and fibers for their inherent qualities and properties. I use these materials and the techniques associated with them in my work, in the same manner that a painter selects a color or a sculptor selects texture. It is my opinion that craft can be applied within art as a small component or vital element.  

As a craftsman, my creativity and mastery of materials are often intertwined and dependent upon each other. This means I tend to create in a methodical manner. My process employs scaled drawings, close tolerances, specialized techniques, reading and other research. To summarize my studio practice, I am most happy when I employ equal amounts of hand skill and intellect.

Maybe a less obvious influence from craft is my sustained effort to make something that functions. This stems from the role of a craftsman whose sole purpose is to produce something functional. If I am effective in opening minds and initiating conversations with what comes from my studio, I have been successful in my endeavors and have remained true to my craft heritage.


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