This is a compilation of links to the web sites of friends, former classmates, instructors, professors and mentors. Also included are the three talented artists who photographed my work. I am indebted to them for their professionalism, attention to detail, jokes and humorous stories. There are a handful of links to the web sites of people with whom I am not acquainted but whose ideas, essays and discourse are extremely interesting and often parallel much of what I believe regarding the subject of Craft.  

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Tom Zetterstrom

Dan Dailey

Alan Klein

Nick Mount

Bill Carlson

Cork Marcheschi

James Nowak

Rebecca Medel

Greg Dietrich


Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Pilchuck Glass School

Haystack Mountain School of Craft

Snow Farm (formerly Horizons, New England Center for Craft)

Teachers & Mentors

Friends & Former Classmates

Sean Albert

Nancy Callan

Oliver Doriss

Sean Salstrom

Eric Starosielski

Caitlin D. Johnson

Tracy Silva Barbosa

Brian Alloway

Chris McCarthy

Katie Miller

Erin M. Riley

Kate Dowell

Elaine Quave

Seth Fairweather

Eoin Breadon

Jeremy Cox

Doreen Garner

Ted Prescott



Stephen Sheffield

Balfour Walker

John Carlano

Influential People and Web Sites

Bruce Metcalf

Doug Stowe, Wisdom of the Hands

Sir Ken Robinson

Matthew B. Crawford

John Ratzenberger, Nuts, Bolts and Thingamajigs

These are links to books that I have collected in my library and which have played a role in solidifying my creative philosophy as well as helping to regenerate the legitimacy of Craft as a subject, profession and creative process. Gallery owners, collectors, students (graduate students in particular) and those who create while straddling the elusive and blurry line that divides Art and Craft, take charge of your world and begin reading these books! To the professors of craft subjects, who operate within the safe confines of the higher education system and are unread, or worse, unfamiliar with these books, stop being a dinosaur. It is time to update your outlook on Craft and reevaluate your pedagogy related to the subject which you claim to profess. Reading these books will benefit your students and elevate your department.

Craft Theory, History and Collected Essays

Peter Dormer   

“The Art of the Maker”

“The Culture of Craft”

Viki Halper & Diane Douglas

“Choosing Craft, the Artist's Viewpoint”

Glenn Adamson   

“Thinking Through Craft”

“The Craft Reader”

Howard Risatti   

“A Theory of Craft”

Sandra Alfoldy


M. Anna Fariello & Paula Owen

“Objects and Meaning”

Richard Sennett   

“The Craftsman”

Paul Greenhalgh  

“The Persistence of Craft”

Rozsika Parker

“The Subversive Stitch”


John Roberts  

     “The Intangibilities of Form, Skill and    

     Deskilling in Art After the Readymade”

Howard Singerman  

“Art Subjects, Making Artists in the American University”

Matthew B. Crawford

“Shop Class as Soulcraft’

Anthropology, Related to Making

George Basilla   

“The Evolution of Technology”

Frank R. Wilson   

“The Hand”

I have had some great conversations about the formal elements of Art (line, shape, value, texture, form, color and space) as well as Craftsmanship, Illustration and Design with this long time and talented friend.

Sean O’Hara / Darkside Tattoo